A lover of power complained of loss of hearing and vision


Frame: Channel 5

Dependent on the energy drinks, the British temporarily lost the ability to see, hear and feel and almost died. This was reported by the newspaper Metro.

Bet the Game (Kevin Game) started drinking energy for 11 years. She drank six cans of beverage per day for four years, until I got to the hospital. “I could neither hear nor see and didn’t feel anything”, — said the girl. Her pulse was around 320 beats per minute at a rate of 60-80 beats.

Doctors made the Game a diagnosis of supraventricular tachycardia and prescribed potent medications. After some time, the girl had to give them up due to constant hallucinations. Also doctors have warned the Game that, most likely, she will continue such attacks, and forbade her to play sports and to drink beverages with caffeine, including energy.

Now Game 19, and she decided to tell her story to the authorities forbade the sale of energy drinks to adolescents. According to her, energy is “legal drugs that are sold in school cafeterias.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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