Chatty Russians proved to be a boon for cyberhawks


Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

The Russians, talking in social media about the theft of money from Bank cards, thereby helping the hackers to choose the most successful scheme of fraud. About this “Kommersant” said the Deputy head of the security Department of the Central Bank Artem Sychev.

According to him, the cyber fraudsters have focused on the middle class in the age of 25-40 years.

“This sample is not random. What is the logical action of a man who was robbed? To go to the police and to the Bank to report the theft. However, this category of victim prefers to report the theft in social networks — “Vkontakte” or Facebook, and in detail describing all the details,” — said Sychev, noting that the way the scammers get ready instructions.

Marketing Director Solar Security Krokhina Valentine told the newspaper that obtained from social networks diagrams are published in “special communities of fraudsters”, and then finalized and disseminated. Usually, we are talking about simple types of fraud designed for gullible Russians.

“For example, attackers call disguised as an employee of the credit institution or MFI potential victim with a message that she was approved a loan online and now only need card details to transfer money,” — said Sychev.

According to the Central Bank, in 2017 the hackers stole from the Russian banks more than a billion rubles. Attacks were 240 credit organizations, successful attacks with the Bank of Russia has counted 11.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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