Disclosed the earnings of the creators of a bloodthirsty broadcasts with torture and murder


Frame: the movie “Unthinkable”

Expert on cyber security Chris Monteiro (Chris Monteiro) and attorney Eileen ormesby (Ormsby Eileen) made a report-monograph on specific sites in the darknet dedicated to violence. According to the publication news.com.au, this document sheds light on the market killers and customized torture.

The market of murders represented by a number of websites whose authors do not hide their motives. “If you want to kill someone or beat, we are the children”, — stated on the main page. The administration offers a wide range of artists in Europe, USA and Canada, ensuring the absolute anonymity: personal contact with the customer is not required, and payment is always done in bitcoins.

According to the researchers, such sites for several months to earn several hundred thousand dollars.

According to the documents, a large segment of the darknet is an online stream of torture or death fights of modern gladiators. There are also sites of so-called red room, where the viewer can choose, for a fee, the kind of violence that will be done over the victim.

For example, ormesby found a page called the “Red room of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), free brutal, alive.” The description promised a story of seven caught jihadists in the hands of users who can manage the abuse of real people online.

In February, the us authorities have expressed concern that in darknet actively sold not only drugs but also weapons. For example, using darknet division agents of the justice Department was able to buy banned from civil circulation in the country a fully automatic Uzi and carbine AR5.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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