Fans of horror movies will help “to poop in my pants”


The frame: the film “Hellraiser”

The publication Vice have compiled a list of the best horror movies of Netflix, from which you can “craps his pants from fear”. In a rating published on Thursday, March 15, includes 17 paintings.

The list includes mostly classic horror, the rights to which were bought out by Netflix. Among them — “children of the corn” in 1984, “the Human centipede” in 2009, “Hellraiser”, 1987, “Dreamcatcher”, 2003, “the exorcism of Emily rose” in 2005 and “the Sixth sense” 1999.

In addition, the authors included a ranking of “the Descent” (2005), “It” (2004, original title — It Follows, not to be confused with It — “approx.“), “the Babadook” (2014), “30 days of night” (2007), “ABCs of death” (2012), “Hungry Z” (2017), “the Good son” (1993), “the Conjuring” (2013) and the animated film “Coraline in Country Nightmares” (2013) and the Comedy “scary movie” (2000).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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