Italy officially apologized to growing marijuana pensioner


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Italian President Sergio Mattarella, has officially pardoned a pensioner to grow marijuana for their own use. This writes The Local.

Plants found in the 63-year-old resident of the province of Trento. The man is HIV positive and also suffers from diabetes, hepatitis and liver damage, so can’t take ordinary painkillers because of the risk of side effects.

Initially, the court ruled that the retiree acted in their own interest and for medical purposes. However, another judge overturned the acquittal, finding the man guilty. An appeal against the sentence rejected by the Supreme court of Italy. In the end the man was forced to appeal to the head of state. Mattarella agreed to cancel retiree imprisonment for a period of five months and a fine of 800 euros.

Italy legalized cannabis for medical use in 2007. The drug should be obtained on prescription, which limits patient choice: it is either the only grape grown specifically the pharmaceutical division of the army, or the imported varieties. The latter is considered expensive, and their delivery often takes a long time. “Army” is a kind of effective not for everyone.

The cultivation of cannabis in Italy remains illegal. Also, it is forbidden to sell them or use it for recreational purposes.

The publication notes that so far, all the requests of patients to grow marijuana for their own use under the supervision of deviated. At the same time, the approval of legislators expect the proposal to expand its production army. The document also talks about the free provision of the drug to all patients in whom it is assigned.

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