Kovalchuk put up for sale Olympic BMW


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

The forward of Petersburg SKA and Russian national team Ilya Kovalchuk said that selling the BMW X5 received for winning the Olympic hockey tournament in Pyeongchang. The words of the athlete are on the YouTube channel “the Diary Hacha”.

According to the player, the proceeds from the sale of the money he donated. “Together we will donate funds or in an orphanage, or help a specific child who needs emergency surgery or money for rehabilitation”, — he explained.

Kovalchuk noted that, except for the car, it’s got other Souvenirs from South Korea. “We have Mike who I played in the Olympics. This is a very expensive thing for me. I hope this will be no more, and Russia will play with the arms on the breast,” he added.

In early March, two Russian athletes announced the sale of Olympic BMW. General producer Ilya Burov 14 March decided to sell the BMW X4 received a bronze medal in ski acrobatics. March 3 on the website auto.ru there was an announcement about sale white BMW X4 with Olympic symbols.

Owners of gold medals of the Games in 2018 got a BMW X5, silver and bronze prize-winners became owners of the BMW X4. All keys from new cars received 46 Olympians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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