Little Chinese girl got fat for the sake of the father


Photo: Weibo

Chinese girl got fat for the sake of his father. According to the publication South China Morning Post, the child needs to gain weight, so the doctors allowed her to become a donor.

Two years ago the girl’s father Saolona Lo (Luo Xiaolan) found acute myeloid leukemia. Since then, the family has spent more than 200 million yuan (1.8 million rubles) to chemotherapy, but the condition of the men has not improved. In the beginning, the doctors explained to the man that the only way to save him is a bone marrow transplant. His parents were already too old to become donors, and the sister never came. Had only daughter, 11-year-old Jingjing (Zhenzhen).

When the mother asked her if she was ready to go for it, girl said Yes without hesitation. The doctor said that she would make a perfect donor, but due to small weight of just 29 pounds, the doctors never agreed to the operation because the bone marrow donor must weigh at least half the weight of the recipient.

Prior to that, the girl ate a little, but for the sake of the father have changed their eating habits. “Sometimes she said she no longer wants to eat, then I reminded her about her father, and she tried to eat up everything”, — said the mother of Jingjing. In the end the daughter was able to gain 4.5 kilograms per month.

The doctor ran some tests and sure all goes well. Currently, Xiaolan preparing for surgery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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