Named the most expensive city in the world


Singaporeto: Edgar Su / Reuters

Singapore for the fifth time in a row topped the rating of the most expensive to live cities in the world. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to The Economist Group, which is developing a rating.

In compiling the list was based on the standard of living in new York. The ten most expensive places to live, in addition to Singapore, included Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, Oslo, Geneva, Seoul, Copenhagen, tel Aviv and Sydney.

The ranking came in 133 cities in the world. The budget for life in some places was Damascus, Caracas and Alma-ATA.

Moscow and St. Petersburg for 2017 has risen in the ranking by six positions and finished in 12th and 14th places respectively. According to analysts, the reason for this was the strengthening of the ruble, writes TASS.

The rating’s authors also explained the reasons why the top 10 has not entered any American city — new York and Los Angeles were in 13th and 14th places respectively, although in last year’s ranking is the 9-th and 11-th place. According to them, this is due to the depreciation of the dollar.

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