Neymar was criticized for a photo in a wheelchair in memory of Hawking


Namephoto: @neymarjr / Twitter

Forward “Paris Saint-Germain” Neymar was photographed in a wheelchair in memory of physics Stephen Hawking. A photo appeared on Twitter of the athlete.

Neymar signed picture with a quote from a scientist: “You have to have positive thinking and to make the most of any situation, which turned out to be”.

Users criticized the striker, finding the photo inappropriate. “At first I thought that someone made a very bad meme, but it turns out it’s a real picture,” — commented on the record one of the users. “Compare the disease Hawking with a broken pinky — it is very strong,” expressed bewilderment another.

Neymar got the sprain and hairline fracture in the match of French championship with Marseille. It is expected that he will recover in about three months.

On the death of Hawking became known on March 14. He died on 77-m to year of life. The main scientific result of the physics associated with the description of black hole radiation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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