Officials decided to leave “fecal stalagmite” alone


Photo: Konstantin Bobylev / Globus

The city of Serov only in 2026 are going to settle the emergency hostel, where for the second consecutive year in winter, grows a stalagmite of frozen feces. About it the newspaper “Globus” reported the mayor of the town of Elena Berdnikova.

Serovskogo district court found unreasonable the long term of settlement. “There is a real danger of the collapse of the house, in connection with than being in this house is dangerous for the citizens, violates the rights of plaintiffs to housing, favourable living conditions. Local government needs to be taken to the settlement house and its subsequent demolition in a reasonable period of time”, — was stated in the judgment.

Administration Serova ignored the court order.

In February 2017 the hostel Serov became famous because of a huge ice pillar faeces. Exactly a year later the history repeated itself. The second fetid stalagmite took not one but two floors, although the diameter was smaller than the predecessor. The authorities recognized that the house is in terrible condition, and promised to settle it, but so far residents have to solve their own problems.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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