On Australian beach made of cow and bull


Photo: Bob Katter page in Facebook

Australian beach during the flood brought the cow and the bull. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Animals have appeared on the shore with a difference of a day. The remains of cows processed at the nearest waste treatment plant, and the bull had buried on the beach just above the high-tide line.

Administrator beach noted that many local residents worried find. “We don’t know where they came from, but understand that they can be dangerous to the health of citizens, if we do not remove them, he said. — Besides, due to the flooding the carcasses could move somewhere else”.

The head of the region Bob Katter (Bob Katter) noted that the incident shows how serious harm to farms can cause flooding, and urged state residents to evacuate.

On 12 March it was reported that a resident of Australia saved a poisonous spider during a flood. The woman climbed into the raging river and pulled from it a branch of the avocado tree, which kept the tarantula. Then she released him to the ground.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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