Putin spoke about the upcoming flight to Mars


Photo: World History Archive / Globallookpress.com

Russia in 2019 will launch a mission to Mars, and later the Russian experts will try to carry out the landing on the pole of the moon, quotes words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Interfax”.

“We’ll be right there to carry out unmanned and then manned launches for deep space exploration and the moon program, then the exploration of Mars. The first is very soon — in 2019 we are going to launch Mars mission”, — said the head of state in the second part of the documentary film by Andrei Kondrashov.

The President noted that the Russian lunar mission will be different from the Soviet: “Our experts will try to make a landing on the pole, because there is reason to believe that there might be water. There is something to do, there can be initiated the study of other planets, outer space”.

In 2020 the European space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos plans to send to Mars second phase of the joint ExoMars mission, involving landing on the surface of the red planet landing module with a landing platform and the Rover. The first phase of the ExoMars mission, launched in 2016, consisted of the Orbiter TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter) and landing demonstration module Schiaparelli. The first device works successfully in Mars orbit, while the second is the descent crashed on the planet’s surface.

Over the next two years Roskosmos has planned sending to the Earth the mission “Luna-25”, whose mission is to verify technologies of soft landing to the South pole of a celestial body.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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