Restored Christians destroyed ancient medical text


Photo: Farrin Abbott / SLAC

Scientists of the SLAC National accelerator laboratory discovered traces of text from medical treatise of the Greek physician Galen on parchment with Christian Psalms, dated XI century. This publication reports Science Alert.

The work of Galen was originally written on parchment in Syriac in the sixth century by an unknown author at the monastery of St. Catherine. After 500 years, the ink was erased and the paper used for religious purposes. Scientists believe that this was done because in those days there was a shortage of paper.

Physicists have revealed the text, using x-rays that were generated in a particle accelerator at SLAC. This allowed to detect tiny particles are more ancient ink on paper. In other studies, scientists have used ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and electromagnetic waves of the visible spectrum, however, these methods did not allow to detect the treatise of Galen.

In 2016 a group of scientists from Israel and the United States using the technologies of computer visualization was able to read Hebrew charred scroll, which is 1.5 thousand years. Researchers have determined that it is a canonical part of the book of Leviticus — third book of the mosaic Law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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