“Roscosmos” to detach from US


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

“Roscosmos” plans to make the Russian segment of the ISS offline by 2021. For this orbiting lab, you must run three additional modules, reports “Interfax”.

“We in our industry have been given the task, by 2021, that is, years before the deadline we agreed on joint work on the ISS, we had the opportunity to secede and to work independently within the framework of the Russian segment,” — said the head of state Corporation Igor Komarov at the forum “Russia — country of opportunities”.

According to him, “you need to develop and launch new modules within the next three years, we finally start, I hope, the three modules that will provide the autonomy from the point of view of energy, engines, communication systems and life support systems of the Russian segment.”

Komarov added that such measures are taken in case partners that Russia will give up cooperation on the ISS after 2025. “However, we believe, and it is our belief that working together is much more effective and better. This is an example, when mutual cooperation will only benefit”, — said the head of state Corporation.

In February 2018 owned by the Communist party of China daily English-language newspaper China Daily published an article that stated that the United States is leading the ISS.

ISS, which involve the U.S., Russia, EU, Japan and Canada must shut down by 2024. Russia and China are planning the deployment of a national space station, the current international space station is scheduled to be transferred to commercial companies. It is possible that the work of the ISS is extended to 2028.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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