Savchenko back to Ukraine


Hope, Savchenkova: Gregory Costin / RIA Novosti

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko returned to Kiev on a flight from Munich. This was in the night of Thursday, March 15, reports the edition “Strenia”.

At the airport, journalists asked her to comment on the statement of the Deputy Andrey Teteruk about what she allegedly fled from Ukraine to Russia, not to testify, the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine regarding the preparation of a terrorist act and the assassination of top officials. “Look, please, on a flight that just landed and you all will become clear”, — she said.

March 14, the Ukrainian publication Insider revealed that the security forces are preparing to accuse Savchenko in the preparation of a terrorist act and the assassination of top officials, which she allegedly planned together with the head of the Center for the release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban. Unnamed senior officials told the portal that Savchenko allegedly appears in the video, which discusses an armed attack on Parliament and the assassination of key officials of the country.

Later that same day, the Prosecutor General Yuri Luchenko said through his press Secretary that in case of absence of the Deputy Savchenko for questioning in the SBU he will be forced to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a view to bringing her to criminal responsibility, detention and arrest.

March 13, Savchenko said that he had not received summons for questioning, but are willing to speak with the Agency in the case of personal notification.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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