Slovak Prime Minister resigned after the murder of the journalist


Robert Picotto: David W Cerny / Reuters

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert fico has resigned. About it reports on Thursday, March 15, Reuters.

His statement was accepted by President Andrej Kiska. He gave the mandate to form a new government the Deputy Prime Minister, Peter Pellegrini. Thus the ruling three-party coalition intends to smooth out the crisis that erupted in the country after the murder of journalist Ian Kuziaka.

To do this, fico said that he will resign from his post, but with one condition: his successor will choose his party, gave the Agency. Pussy accepted the offer. The coalition has decided to take this step against the background of calls for a change of government and holding new parliamentary elections.

Earlier retirement due to pressure from society and the opposition over the death of the journalist has filed a number of officials and two Ministers — Minister of internal Affairs and Ministry of culture.

On the death of 27-year-old journalist Jan Kuziaka and his girlfriend Martina Kushnirova it became known on February 25. Body with gunshot wounds found in their home near Bratislava. It was reported that the young man was investigating possible links of the Slovak politicians and the Italian mafia. The police claimed that the murder might be related to his journalistic work.

The incident and allegations of corruption of politicians has caused a wave of protests. As a result, in Bratislava and 50 other cities in Slovakia were the largest in 30 years rallies. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of the interior Minister and the Prime Minister, and new elections.

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