The daughter of an Arab Emir recorded video alarm in case of death and disappeared


Frame: Youtube / Escape from Dubai

The daughter of Dubai’s Emir, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum fled the country, leaving video recorded by her in case of death or other trouble, reports the New York Post. In the video the girl reported that he had made the escape attempt because he can not live a normal life in an Arab state.

According to 33-year-old Latifa, she is one of 30 children a rich Sheikh. She explained that for this reason the country ran to her older sister: she was denied the ability to choose, forbidden to drive a car and establishing a framework of personal life.

Latifah herself, in her words, attempted to escape in adolescence, and then spent three years in prison. Informed Arab Emirates left her brother.

Get out of the country the girl helped a former French spy, writes The Daily Mail. Presumably, Latifah is hiding on a yacht off the coast of southern India and is expected to seek political asylum in the United States, where she established contact with a lawyer.

Located 50 kilometers from the coast of India, she sent a message to your representative Radha Sterling, living in the UK. The girl asked for help, because he saw suspicious people outside and heard the shots. Sterling asked Latifah to record the shooting, but she didn’t answer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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