The fisherman went to the trout with a Taser and used it on himself


Photo: Christopher Nagle

A UK resident was killed while trying to catch a trout for your backyard pond. The incident was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

Christopher Nagle (Nagle Christopher) illegally purchased a Taser to stun and catch fish for his house cost about $ 80 million.

Police began searching for the 51-year-old man for treatment of his bride and his body was discovered 40 miles from home half-submerged in the water. From the backpack Nagle were exposed wires, so to extract it from the river, had to call the bomb squad.

The man worked as a pilot and recently completed treatment for chronic heart disease. On his arm was discovered burns from the electrical current.

Coroner John Tomalin (John Tomalin) noted that is difficult to say what exactly killed Nagle. According to his version, the man had a heart attack, he slipped, fell into the water and he was electrocuted. “Most likely, he died from a combination of these factors,” he concluded. Police have described the incident as an accident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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