The journalist was furious because of the abundance of advertising critical days in pink


Photo: @shethinx

The journalist of the American edition of Mashable Rachel Kraus (Rachel Kraus) published a column which called on manufacturers of goods for women, one way or another designed to track menstruation cycle, to cease to perform them in pink color and use shades of it in advertising.

“I often see ads apps to monitor reproductive health and management of pregnancy in social networks. And I notice among thin cute icons and minimalistic fonts beige-pink palette, which is not similar to what comes out of me once a month,” writes Kraus.

“Please cut my vagina to sell me in color, which smells outdated marketing meetings, accessibility and peace of mind. I’m not afraid of your critical days, and your app can’t comfort me,” says Kraus.

The author explains that many years marketers maintained the status of pale pink as a color that inspires trust, associated with carelessness, lightness, well-being and youth. According to Kraus, it’s time to stop deceiving the audience, to rehabilitate the red and to end the fear of Association with blood. According to the journalist, you should start using this color for products designed for women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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