Tourists demanded that the office workers to show them penises


Photo: ThomasWF / Wikimedia

Tourists are confusing the office of the International film Festival of Reykjavik (The Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF) in Iceland Museum penis, reports the Mirror.

Every day tourists come into the room RIFF and ask staff where it is possible to see male genitalia.

RIFF workers had to make the pointer and hang it on the office door: “It’s not a penis Museum. Go back to the street Leaveher, turn left towards the centre and walk for another 20 metres. The Museum will be on the same side. You can’t miss it. They have a huge logo with a penis. With respect, the people who work here”.

“Some come in and feel free to ask. Other’s super serious need to show them the fallacies”, the author said notes by Jonathan van Hove.

The message was noticed by a member of the Pirate political party of Iceland Superheater Helgadottir and made a publication on Twitter, signing it “the problem of the first world in Iceland”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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