Ukraine harshly criticized the Russian “Sarmat”


Photo: defense Ministry

The newest Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” in the coming years will not appear in the Russian military, said the Director of Ukrainian National Institute for strategic studies Volodymyr Gorbulin. About it reports news Agency “military-industrial courier”.

Horbulin said that “frankly offended” by the recent speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, during which Russian President “scared the world with fairy tales” about the new heavy Russian missile complex “Sarmat”, comparing it to developed in the USSR missile “Voevoda” (Satan, according to the nomenclature NATO).

In his opinion, today’s missile complex “Sarmat” is only mashability layout, held at the end of the 2017 stage of the throwing test. Gorbulin believes that the adoption of a new Russian missile will be adopted in four to five years. “Russian developers need, including to conduct flight tests of new missiles and to test a missile,” he said.

Director of the Ukrainian National Institute for strategic studies said that the USSR was made of 308 missiles “Voivod” with the established warranty period of combat duty for 15 years. Delivery of the missiles on the arms of the USSR was started in 1985, now in Russia is 42 such missiles.

As noted Gorbulin, in the beginning 2000-x years the Russian leadership has twice appealed to the Ukrainian side with a request for warranty service and the warranty extension Russian “Governor” of the Ukrainian company (Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash). Now this function is assigned to the Russian “Center Makeyev”, he said.

Gorbulin also doubted that in the nearest future Russia will be ready to get rid of the “Governor”. “Because those are the best missiles in the world. It is not my assessment, this assessment of the Pentagon and the missile defense Agency of the United States”, — said Director of Ukrainian National Institute for strategic studies.

The newest heavy rocket “Sarmat” are planned to be put into service in 2019-2020. Work on the project began in 2011, created the rocket change was developed and serially produced in the USSR complex “Voevoda”. In March 2018, a Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that recovery will begin soon.

According to the developers, “Sarmat”, carrying a payload of ten tons, it has a range of about 16 thousand kilometers. The rocket is able to reach the enemy on a ballistic trajectory passing through the South pole and also move under the radar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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