Ukraine scared Poland their goods


Photo: Grigoriy Vasilenko / RIA Novosti

Polish businessmen complain too much volume of import of goods from Ukraine. About this newspaper “Ukrainian truth” with reference to the statement by the Vice-President of the Ukrainian-Polish chamber of Commerce Elizabeth, Bodio in the framework of the forum “Europe-Ukraine”, held in Poland.

According to Bodio, anxiety is primarily expressed by the representatives of the Polish agribusiness. The Polish company started talking about the possibility of using special measures in trade with Ukraine in the framework of protective measures of the WTO.

The Minister of investments and development of Poland Jerzy Kozinski at the forum said that in 2017, Ukrainian exports to Poland grew faster than the Polish Ukraine, reports “UKRINFORM”. According to him, the amount of goods shipped from Ukraine to Poland, increased by 27 percent and amounted to 2.1 billion euros. The growth of exports from Poland to Ukraine amounted to 24 percent and reached 4.3 billion euros. According to the Minister, the improvement of Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation at the business level is a positive trend.

At the same time Kozinski noted that the direct Polish investment in Ukraine remain a small and in 2017 amounted to “several million euros”. “But a few years ago, they were at the level of 200-300 million euros per year”, — said the Minister. According to him, this situation is due to the fact that “for Polish companies investing in Ukraine is very risky,” quoted Диалог.UA.

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