Walking through the construction work pierced pin


Photo: Cover Asia Press

Indian Builder slipped and fell on a pile of steel rods, resulting in one of them pierced his body. About it reports The Daily Mail.

33-year-old Salim Sheikh (Sheikh Salim) is on the first floor of a building under construction. According to the newspaper, the rod entered him in the groin. The other end of the pin out of the neck. Body scan showed that the rod had damaged the small intestine, colon, liver, diaphragm and lungs. Despite all this, the heart was not affected.

Surgeons for five hours removed the rod from the body of the victim. It turned out that the pin length was about 130 centimeters. Later one of the doctors said that the Sheikh was lucky: the design did not affect vital organs, including the abdominal cavity, bladder or kidney.

It is noted that the man had to overcome 165 kilometers of road with a rod inside to get to the hospital. At the moment he has been transferred to the General peace.

In February it was reported that the British worker received extensive burns to the face and body, as well as a serious spinal fracture after he fell to the hot asphalt. While at work, he did not notice the approaching truck, which pushed it to fresh pavement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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