A grieving middle of an empty room, the cat touched the hearts of Internet users


Photo: Reddit

The lady Reddit posted a photo of a cat named Pepe in the middle of an empty room. The author of the post said that the animal is not able to accept the moving of a neighbor, continues to come into the room and be sad in solitude.

Experiences cats touched visitors resource. A few hours under the post there was over two thousand comments. Users have shared their stories of animal affection.

User with the nickname alwaysawhitebelt recalls how once, when he was a teenager, the cat whose life he had saved, sleeping with him in bed. But he had to stay at a friend’s, as he began to feel sad and meow at his bedside. “My cat Boo slept with me every night, her face buried in the shoulder, and when I went off to College, the sister wrote that BU would not let her sleep at night, because she was sitting in the center of my room and just cried,” writes winstonio.

Another user remembered the suffering of their cat when the older sister left for summer vacation. The girl returned, but the animal, according to the author of the comment, “never was able to forgive her departure”.

Dozens of touching stories was interrupted by the user joef_3. He recalled that cats have a different perception of space than people. In his opinion, Pepe, maybe not bored, not understand what happened to the room.

In January France lost kitty named Hazelnut found the mistress through independent travel by train. Chetyrehkantnomu helped Explorer ‘ktrnhbxrb who posted the photo of the animal on Twitter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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