African girl with deployed back knees spas medical ship



The first patient of the hospital ship, which was sent to Cameroon by the international charity Mercy Ships, was 11-year-old girl with her knees, aimed ago because of a congenital disease. This publication reports the New York Post.

Justin was born with Blount’s disease, in which the tibia is bent at the top. This led to the fact that her feet turned 180 degrees and was sent back. The girl was teased by the other children, and a four-kilometer road to the school was delayed for a few hours.

In September 2017 Justin was operated on hospital ship organization Mercy Ships, which docked in the Cameroonian city of Yaounde. Surgeons cut through the bone in each leg girls, changed the direction of the limbs, and then again combined bone and fixed with plaster.

Recovery after surgery has taken five months. After a few weeks on the ship she was transferred to hospital on shore. When Justin got back up on her feet, she was able to walk and run as well as peers.

Organization Mercy Ships operates since 1978. Her hospital ships, worked in 57 developing countries and 18 developed countries. Recently it focuses on rendering medical care to the people of Africa. The mission to Cameroon paid Canada.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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