Belarusian tourist in Lithuania was forcibly carried out the endoscopy


Nick Colorfoto: page Nicky Farm in Facebook

Tourist nick Koshar said in Facebook that she was detained on unfounded suspicion of drug trafficking and roughly inspected the guards of Lithuania in Vilnius, where she arrived from Peru with a stopover in Amsterdam. In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”, she said, is a citizen of Belarus.

According to Koshar, she forcibly held endoscopy and MRI, as well as gynecological and proctologic examination.

“At the ramp I was waiting for two men in civilian clothes and five customs officers. Took my passport, looked at each other and said, well, this is it, — said Koshar. — Led the way, said that we need to clarify something. Asked about some of Raul or Paul, if he flies with me. I did not know this, so they responded”.

Further, according to tourists, she was taken to the hospital, where he had an x-ray. The doctors did not explain anything to her, talking among themselves in Lithuanian. Also rude, she said, had endoscopy. “It was like an act of cannibalism. My hands were holding my sister. And here he was introduced to me this tube. He was very rude and hard. I vomited, it was hard to breathe. Heart pounded, hand cramp,” said Koshar.

Then, according to tourists, she was told that she must pass inspection at the proctologist and the gynecologist, had an MRI, but nothing prohibited found. “After that, police said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, come visit us again””, — concluded the tourist and asked his subscribers to extend the maximum information about her unfounded and gross inspection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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