Bitcoin was approaching the “death cross”


Photo: Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

Technical analysis of market prices of bitcoin shows that the most popular cryptocurrency could collapse even more, up to 2.8 thousand dollars. It is reported Bloomberg.

Graphs of the average 50-day and 200-day values may overlap, forming a so-called “death cross”. The latter is a clear signal for a severe downturn. According to the analyst of investment company Securities Market Dubai Sex Activity, in comparison with the indicators of the end of February, the cryptocurrency needs to have fallen by 76 percent. Currently bitcoin is worth about $ 8100.

March 14, the largest insurance company Allianz of Europe expressed the view that the bubble in the bitcoin market will burst sooner or later. The management of the insurer considers that the real value of bitcoin is zero.

March 13, investment Bank Goldman Sachs warned that in the near future, the cost of bitcoin will fall below the February lows and could fall to the level of five thousand dollars.

In December 2017, bitcoin reached a maximum in the history of point — almost 20 thousand dollars, however, at the beginning of 2018 all cryptocurrencies started to fall. He is now stabilized on the level above eight thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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