From “the Adventures of electronics” will do an adult film with the sex scenes


Zhora Krizovnicka Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Director George Krizovnicka, known for novels “Kiss!”, plans to make a film for adults about the robot. He stated that the experts of the cinema Fund during pitching, his words TASS reports.

“The main character of the film — the robot, time is literally tomorrow. The robot is configured to the desires of the hostess, he’s the perfect man, I would even film it came from. He understands the character better than she herself,” — explained his idea of the filmmaker.

The picture will be called “Error 102”.

“In fact, it will be “the adventures of electronics” 18+. This will be grown Elektronik, which replaces syroezhkina in bed,” added Krizovnicka.

The Director has assured that the tape will be an unexpected ending.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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