Homeless went online and found a job, a house and glory


Photo: @CharlieBinbags

The life of a homeless British man changed dramatically after a passerby gave him a smartphone. It is reported by The Sun.

A man named Charlie Hennessy (Hennessy Charlie) for six years looking for a job in London to provide a roof over my head, but it didn’t work. The situation changed when, in early March 2018 stranger just gave Hennessy an old smartphone.

The homeless man kept his head and caught a free Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. He checked into Twitter and began to post messages. The first tweets Hennessy told the phone and as he went out to the network. Later the man said that he had found a good working charger.

Then he began to use a social network to share thoughts about pressing issues and their own mental health. “I’m homeless. Not evil. I’m not stupid and not a drug addict, not a rapist and not a liar, not crazy and not greedy, not sick and drunk and probably don’t want to kill you. If you met me under better circumstances, I would have liked, I’m a good guy. But I have no home. That’s all I have,” wrote Hennessey. His post has gathered more than three thousand retweets and about eight thousand likes.

Within 24 hours after a homeless man checked in to Twitter, it had the first subscribers who have supported a man in a difficult situation. A week later, his updates are to follow thousands of people, some of them threw off a homeless guy money and offered to buy some food.

The next day, Hennessey said that he was offered a job in Brighton. He immediately went in for an interview: thanks to the followers he had enough money to pay for an overnight in another city.

Despite their own precarious position, Hennessy tried to help others in need. “Job offers, money and places of residence. Want to stand on their feet… But now on most London streets, a huge number of people in need more than I,” said the man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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