In the United States were required to block “Nord stream-2”


Photo: Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

A group of senators from the Republican and Democratic parties, the United States demanded that the administration of President Donald trump has blocked the pipeline project “Nord stream-2”. They are encouraged to use “all available instruments”, reports on Friday, March 16, The Washington Examiner.

The parliamentarians sent a letter to the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin and Deputy Secretary John Sullivan.

“We must make it clear to our European allies that we are determined to maintain their energy independence and to protect them from the pernicious influence of the “Nord stream-2″ in the long term”, — stated in the text of the message.

The publication adds, the administration of the tramp encourages the export of American natural gas to Europe seeks to press Russia as a leading supplier of fuel in this part of the world.

“Nord stream-2” project of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea. The project is implemented by Nord Stream AG 2, 51 percent of which is owned by Gazprom. The new pipeline is scheduled to enter into operation before the end of 2019. Its total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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