Macron demonstratively ignored Russia


Emmanuel Macrophoto: Reuters

The President of France Emmanuel macron refused to visit the Russian stand at the International book salon in Paris. It is reported by Le Figaro.

Russia was invited to the event as the guest of honor. Such a proposal made by the macron in may 2017 at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, a few hours before the arrival of the French President at the opening of the salon of the Elysee Palace was notified that the Russian stand, the head of state will not come.

During a visit to the salon macron explained his refusal. “I decided, given the international agenda, not to go for the show in solidarity with our British friends,” he said. The President added that he intends “to continue the dialogue with the intellectuals, Russian authors, Russian civil society, with all those who carries the power of the people, and sometimes with great courage, resisted all the atrocities of the regime.”

March 15, macron has officially joined the charges of London against Russia in the case of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, is poisoned in the UK. The President said he will soon announce measures against Moscow.

On the same day Britain, France, Germany and the United States issued a joint statement in which they formally accused Russia of trying to kill Skripal. A day earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa may announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats 23.

A former spy and his daughter was found unconscious outside the British Salisbury in early March. They were poisoned with nerve agent and is currently in a coma. London believes that the attempt is Moscow, because Skripal and his daughter was poisoned with a substance that is believed to be the British government, was developed Russia.

The Russian leadership denies all allegations. Moscow promised to retaliate, and a strong pressure on the UK.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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