Members of the group “picnic” was in the hospital with serious injuries


Edmund, Clarkeite: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Members of the Soviet and Russian rock group “picnic” was hospitalized as a result of an accident in the Vladimir region. TASS said Elena Bonacina, Director of the Ryazan regional Philharmonic society, which was to be held a concert of musicians.

“They had an accident. As far as we know, three members of the group with the leader was hospitalized. The concert for tonight is cancelled”, — told Bonacina.

The representative of “Picnic” Viktor Dombrovsky has declared that the musicians received serious injuries. “An accident, severe accident, the causes are not yet known. The bus with the musicians involved in an accident, now they have, according to my information, quite heavy injuries”, — he stressed.

Dombrowski added that all upcoming gigs are cancelled.

Group “picnic” was formed in 1978. The current lineup of the band consists of frontman Edmund shklyarskiy, Leonid Kirnos drummer, bass player Marat Korchemny and keyboardist Stanislav Szklarska. In the discography of “Picnic” 22 Studio albums.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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