Predicted the imminent destruction of the statues on Easter island


Photo: Karol Kozlowski /

Coast of Easter island and its ancient statues will be flooded in the coming decades because of rising sea levels caused by global warming. It is reported by The New York Times.

Researchers estimate that by 2100, the oceans could rise by about two meters, this will be under water wide coastal areas. This will enhance the process of erosion and destruction of shoreline on Easter island with moai standing there — the statues in the form of a huge human head, located on the truncated to the belt body.

As noted, it would threaten the many sculptures that are now standing almost on the water’s edge. So, the attacking ocean, is likely to destroy a ceremonial platform (AHU) Tongariki, where 15 statues of various sizes. Will also disappear Cove beach of Anak, the famous white coral sand, and offers rooms with AHU where the moai are fallen.

The inhabitants of Easter island plan to protect the interest using the wall, however, it is not clear whether this measure is effective. Officials are considering the possibility of moving the statues inland.

Moai were erected by indigenous people — ramanujam, who came to the island in the IX—X centuries from Eastern Polynesia. It is believed that the statue was made between 1250 and 1500 years. The samples were taken from rocks from the quarry to the extinct volcano rano Raraku.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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