Retired insulted black stewardess



Tenerife airport-North pensioner kicked out of the plane of airlines of Binter Canarias for insulting the black flight attendants, reports the Daily Mail.

“I won’t stand next to a black,” shouted 70-year-old man in address flight attendants before departure to the Spanish La Palma.

Witnesses filmed as a crew member asks him to pack up and leave the plane. When the tourist refused, the commander invited the police to escort him to the door. After a little resistance the man took a bag from a shelf for hand Luggage and left the aircraft.

The management of the company Canarias was supported by the stewardess and wrote a complaint against the passenger, accusing him of racial abuse. The nationality of the offender is not specified. Flight Tenerife — La Palma flew with a 20-minute delay.

In March, the security service of the airport in Dhaka arrested the aviakerosene, who arrived in Bangladesh from Malaysia. The young man walked about in the Nude at the cabin and watched porn on his laptop.

According to witnesses on Board, the man urinated in his place, and went to the bathroom naked. The crew of the aircraft failed to appease the bully, so the passengers helped to restrain him and tie. Upon arrival at the airport the offender was transferred to security.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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