Snapchat has offered to spank Rihanna and lost a billion dollars


Screenshot: @TheRoyceMann

Singer Rihanna brought down the share price of the company Snap Inc for the humorous ads in the app Snapchat, offering to spank artist. About it writes The Guardian.

The company lost about a billion dollars after Rihanna criticized in Instagram is a game for smartphones Would You Rather. In it, users were asked what they would prefer: to spank Rihanna or hit the singer Chris brown.

“Snapchat, I know that you already know your app I do not like. But I’m just trying to figure out what the meaning of this mess! I would like to call it ignorance, just know that you are so stupid! You spent money on something that deliberately makes fun of victims of domestic violence!” — wrote the artist in Instagram Stories.

It is noted that after the criticism, Snapchat has removed the ad and apologized for their actions.

In 2009, brown was beaten in the car Rihanna, which until then was in a romantic relationship. He caused the girl’s injuries and choked her, then fled from police. Brown later voluntarily came to the police station and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to suspended five-year term.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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