The Chinese finished in the phone before brain surgery, woke up and took the old one


Photo: AsiaWire

The Chinese had to go through brain surgery because of the gambling on the phone. As informs edition Daily Mail, the woman’s brain was formed a few blood clots.

The woman whiled away the 20-hour trip by train from Henan to Guangdong province at the games in the phone, reclining on the seat. As soon as the 47-year-old passenger was released on the platform, she lost consciousness.

The victim was immediately hospitalized, doctors gave her a scan and found multiple blood clots. The woman was immediately operated on. Neurosurgeon man Heng (Heng Meng) noted that extracted the clots of blood had a diameter of approximately two centimeters, which is two times more clots, with whom he usually had to deal with.

The doctor suggested that they could be formed due to the fact that the woman for a long time did not change its position and pinch the vessels on the right side of the neck. Heng also noted that in recent years has increased the number of such cases, usually the patients are young lovers of games on the phone.

After the surgery, the woman feels well and spends time in the hospital playing on my phone.

On 14 March it was reported about the death of a Chinese man who played in the game on a smartphone during the tour, I sat down on set to prevent the fall of tourists railing. The man was so fascinated that I forgot that there is no support in the back, fell and died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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