The court found the plaintiff dead in spite of his protests


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A native of Romania, mistakenly presumed dead, could not prove to the court that he was alive. Reported by the Associated Press.

Case 63-year-old Constantine, Relio (Constantin Reliu) was seen on Friday, March 16, in the Romanian town of Vaslui. His arguments were rejected, as he later appealed. The court’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

The man learned about his “death” when returned to Romania after 26-year absence. Since 1992, Reli lived in Turkey and lost contact with the remainder of the home family. The wife and I decided that he died, and in 2016, issued a certificate about his death.

Two years later, the Turkish authorities deported Relio, who lived in the country on expired documents. In Romania, the man found out that he is considered dead. “Officially I’m dead, though alive. I have no income, and I can’t do anything, because they are considered dead,” he laments.

In 2016, it was reported that the Central district court of Kemerovo recognised living man, which documents were considered dead. The confusion arose after the death of the inhabitant of the Kemerovo with the same name, surname, patronymic and year of birth.

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