Video of suicide a few hours hung in the top of the popular website


Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Imageboard Reddit users drew attention to the gross violation of the rules of the site. It is reported by the Motherboard.

In the subsection r/Drama, which signed more than 50 thousand people, there is a link to the video of the suicide men. Usually this subreddit specializiruetsya in the light of terrible things on the Internet, however, associated with suicide materials is strictly prohibited the site administration. However, the link has been hanging in the top of the subsection about nine hours.

Initially suicide note was published on YouTube, but the moderators quickly blocked, and then perezalil video on video sharing Sendvid.

Shortly after the publication in the Motherboard manual Reddit removed a controversial video. Reporters noted that at 100 percent to determine the authenticity of the video, but they have called it terrible.

Reddit rules forbid content that encourages, popularitywith or calls for violence or physical harm against individuals or groups of individuals. in addition, the administration imageboard blocks record, which encourages animal cruelty.

In March 2018 the journalists also reported the subsection r/nomorals in which users publish images of corpses and flayers. The subreddit was created in 2012, but has intensified only in the last few months. By 2018, r//nomorals more than 20 thousand subscribers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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