Charged the Nazi submarine sink American ship


PS-11 Rajah HumabonФото: Mark R. Alvarez / Wikimedia / Public Domain

Naval forces of the Philippines withdrew from its membership a frigate of American construction PS-11 Rajah Humabon, according to the Philippine News Agency. It was the largest war ship still being in service.

The launching ceremony of the frigate of the Philippine Navy flag took place on March 15. It is planned that the ship is converted and set as a Museum at the naval base at Cavite, located near Manila.

The frigate was transferred to the Philippines in 1976 as American military aid, before he was 20 years in the Japanese Navy as escort destroyer, writes a military blog bmpd. The U.S. Navy exploited its just a few years — since the transfer in August 1943 to December 1945.

During his service in the American Navy ship was called Atherton and had the hull number DE-169.

Atherton took an active part in the Second world war, in particular, were widely used to escort TRANS-Atlantic convoys in both directions. During one of such transitions, the ship participated in the sinking of the German submarine U-853, this happened on 6 may 1945 16 kilometers from the coast of the state of Rhode island. In June, the frigate was sent to the Pacific theater of war to fight with Japan and at the end of the same year he put on conservation in Florida.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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