Russia denied “Newbie”


Photo: Fabrizio Bensch/ Reuters

Russia has never been research of chemical weapons under the code name “Beginner”. This statement was made official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, reports “Interfax”.

“Never in the Soviet Union, neither in Soviet times nor in the times of the Russian Federation or on the territory of the Russian Federation was not research that would have direct or codename Novichok” she said.

Zakharov said that “the word was designed as the name was used by chemical element and material that is toxic action in the West.” According to her, the most likely source of origin of the gas are the UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and the United States.

“Skripal, being a British spy, was transferred to London in “safe and sound”, Britain is responsible for his life”, — quotes RIA Novosti the representative of the Department.

The foreign Ministry believe that the Prime Minister Theresa may, who revealed the name of the substance, specifically used the name “Newbie” to this is called Association with Russia.

A former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, who received asylum in the United Kingdom in 2010, and his daughter on March 4, was found unconscious in Salisbury. London has formally accused Moscow of involvement in the poisoning of the spy based on the fact that the crime scene was allegedly found traces of a substance family are “Beginner”, developed by Russia for military purposes.

The Russian side denies all charges.

The Creator of the “Newbie” Vil Mirzayanov said that the poisoning can be identified by constricted pupils and blurred vision. Then, if the dose more starts convulsing and stops breathing. According to him, Skripal and his daughter can be saved from death.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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