Russia saw the preparation of an American attack on Syria


Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP

The US has deployed in the Mediterranean and Red seas and the Persian Gulf groups with cruise missiles for a possible strike on Syria. This statement was made by the General staff of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

According to the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey Rudskoy, the US may strike at government targets and Syrian troops, accusing them of using chemical weapons.

The Washington Post in early March, wrote that the administration of us President Donald trump is considering new military action in Syria.

According to Washington, Damascus continues to use chemical weapons against civilians, in 2018, it was used at least seven times, said The Washington Post.

In April 2017, the US attacked a military airfield in Syria, was released at least 50 Tomahawk missiles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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