The appearance of an unidentified helicopter over the Russian Embassy in the United States explained vaguely


Photo: Twitter

A helicopter hovered over the Embassy of Russia in Washington and shone in at the window, the spotlight belongs to law enforcement. The aircraft “was looking for someone”. On Saturday, March 17, reported RIA Novosti employee of the city Department of flight standards of the Federal office of civil aviation USA Charlene Dreikorn.

“It’s a helicopter law enforcement, he acted with the knowledge (services) air traffic control. They were flying in the area on assignment: looking for someone either responded to the challenge,” she explained.

Dreikorn are unable to say what particular service is the machine.

Earlier, the police of Washington, the Agency stated that they know nothing about the helicopter.

Camera noticed over the territory of the diplomatic mission on Sunday evening, March 11. “I was looking for an American helicopter on the territory of the Russian Embassy last night? “Strange” malfunction of the navigation equipment in the capital of the United States? Or another desperate attempt to find traces of Russian interference?”, — poironizirovat diplomats on Twitter by putting in the end of the recording icon UFO.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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