Angelina Jolie has revealed the secret of sexuality


Angelina Jolie PIF: Juan Medina / Reuters

American actress Angelina Jolie told her what attracts people the most. Interview with the artist published on InStyle.

“The people I consider beautiful are those that do not bend to someone else’s idea of beauty. I was always attracted to unique, unusual people, those who remain themselves,” explained Jolie.

She also called the trait that makes people sexy. According to her, there is nothing more beautiful than intelligence. “When you see someone with a hot mind is hot,” said the actress.

Jolie spoke about her aging and stated that she likes to see how changing her appearance. “I look like I’m getting old, and I like it because it means I’m alive — I live and grow older”, she added.

Earlier in March, it was reported that actor brad pitt decided to give up sex for a year after breaking up with Jolie.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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