Artificial intelligence predicted the superiority of the poets and humorists


Photo: Diomedia

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the next 10 years will learn to write works of art are better than people, believes the head of the Department of complex intelligent systems at the University of Passau in Germany björn Schuller. This writes the Business Insider.

According to Schuller, is that AI is hard to compete with humans in creativity, however, the gap between machines and people is becoming less. AI at work has more advantages at least the ability to use Wikipedia and the Internet in General.

“Will artificial intelligence one day to write new novels? I’m pretty sure that this is possible because it already comes up with jokes and light verse — said Schuller. — He can come up with intriguing stuff and stories.”

In August 2017 the bot OpenAI company founded by Elon Musk, the first time he beat one of the strongest in the world Dota 2 players Danylo Ishutin. First he beat Botha in the first round and gave up in the second.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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