North Korea compared with the pirates


Photo: Sergey Orlov / RIA Novosti

North Korea successfully avoiding international sanctions, using the tactics the “Golden age of piracy”. This writes NBC News.

The TV station says that North Korea in 2017, he managed to earn about $ 200 million through the illicit trade of hydrocarbons and weapons. To bypass international restrictions DPRK pumping oil from one tanker to another fake location data of vessels and changes the IDs of the ships in the middle of the route.

“It’s a bit like pirates of the 18th century — said Hugh Griffin, the leader of the expert Council on the DPRK at the UN. They renamed the court, concealed nationality, draw on Board other people’s names”.

In 2017, the UN security Council tightened sanctions against Pyongyang. In September, restrictions were imposed on the supply of petroleum products and determined the limit on the supply to North Korea of crude oil. North Korea also were forbidden to buy condensates and natural gas liquids and sell textile products.

In August, Pyongyang banned the export of coal, iron, lead, and seafood. Accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the DPRK have been frozen, and North Korean vessels that violated UN resolutions, was permitted to enter the ports of all States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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