The man has killed himself after being accused of rape at work


Photo: Ross bullock in Facebook

Englishman Ross bullock (Ross Bullock) has committed suicide after being accused of raping a colleague at his workplace, writes The Daily Mail. As reports the edition, bullock’s fault was not proved.

38-year-old Briton was arrested in 2015. It for a month was taken into custody, despite the demonstrated a Flirty conversation with a woman accusing him of rape. “I hope you had a good time?” — asked a man in one of the messages, alluding to the time spent together. She answered in the affirmative.

The case went cold, but bullock warned that later he can make a formal charge. A man committed suicide in the garage. In the suicide note he reported that “year of hell” he finished.

Parents blame son’s death on the police in West Mercia dealing with the case. Mother of Ross, a 74-year-old Carol bullock, said that the charges are forever changed son. “Ross would still be alive if the police carefully reacted to his words,” said father bullock, 76-year-old Ronald.

Bullock’s parents can file civil claims against the police in West Mercia. In turn, the police family bullock brought condolences in connection with the death of his son. The guards noticed that the man was released without any further action against him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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