Women confessed in the benefit of lesbian sex


The frame: the film “Black Swan”

Women are more likely to experience orgasm during communication with representatives of their sex than men have found the employees of the American University of Arkansas. This was reported by The Sun employee of the research University, Dr. Kristen Jaskowski.

She explained that lesbian sexual relations are more diverse.

The researchers interviewed 2,3 thousand women from different countries ranging in age from 18 to 65 years who had various sexual relations. It turned out that the heterosexual couples on average have better sex than lesbians, about 16 acts per month. However, while homosexual women were more prone to orgasm. According to the survey, when same-sex sex women can achieve orgasm 55 times per month.

Sexologist Rebecca Dakine, author of “101 sex advice”, explained the results of the fact that women need a long foreplay, a minimum of 45 minutes, which for excitable men is a problem.

The Independent drew attention to a recent study by Chapman University in Indiana and the Kinsey Institute, which showed that only 33% of straight girls have orgasms every time you have sex. While 75 percent of heterosexual men experience orgasm during every intercourse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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