The surfer refused to swimsuit in order to fight sexism


Sophie Gellerphoto: @sophiehellyer

The former champion of the UK surfing 30-year-old Sophie Heller, which throughout his career he played in bikini, not swimsuit the benefit of a wetsuit. Surfer is outraged by the excessive sexualization of the sport, reports The Telegraph.

“Due to the fact that I am now a year round wear five millimeter wetsuit, the attention from the media to me will definitely be less. I just want to achieve a more honest light surf community,” said Heller.

Prior to that, Sophie has regularly participated in beach bikini photo shoots for various publications. Now she is ready to lose money for the fight against sexism.

Earlier, representatives of the International League of surfing appealed to the operators to stop taking photographs of buttocks serfingistok close-up during the competition. Such rules apply only to athletes in bikinis, female athletes, acting in shorts, the ban does not apply.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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