British size XXXL lost weight and pumped up for the children


Photo: @markkaberry

A UK resident has told how he managed to lose weight from size XXXL to S. As reported by newspaper the Independent, his main motivation was to show a good example to the sons.

Mark Kaberry (Mark Kaberry), working as an engineer in the British Royal aircraft dramatically gained weight after a divorce with his wife, weighed about 120 pounds and wore size XXXL. He decided to lose weight when I realized that the meeting with their children on the weekends and only does that feeding them harmful food. “I didn’t want them teased me at the time. Instead, I decided to show them by example, to inspire you to eat right and stay healthy,” said the man.

First, Kaberi started occasionally going to the gym, but it has not had much effect. After two years of futile attempts to lose weight he realized that he should follow and for food. “I started to eat healthy, and weigh it, not to overeat,” said the Briton. The man admitted that several times they had to drop the class because I did not see any effect, but was able to overcome myself, dropped 35 pounds and achieved the shape of the athlete.

Kaberry, said that he considers himself much more happy than before. He is confident that the most important thing in losing weight is not to follow weight, and the diet and training regime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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