A casting Director taught the actress from “Children” to arouse men’s lust


Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Globallookpress.com

American actress Chloe sevigny talked about “shocking” the advice I received from women involved in the casting for one of the films. Her words reports The Guardian.

“The casting Director female said to me in the room where was full of people: “You must arouse in men the desire ******* [fuck] you, and women — to be you,” recalled sevigny.

43-year-old actress said that this Council was a far more powerful blow than all the cases of sexual harassment from men that she had to endure. “I started thinking, do I really want to be? And then tried to figure out how to be. The casting Director said that the only way I’ll get a job, and it affected my sense of self like I’m the goods,” she explained.

“It was much more devastating to me than the guy who asked what do I do after [the casting], or advised me to start going naked. Shocking,” said sevigny.

Chloe sevigny debuted as an actress in the movie Larry Clark’s “Kids”, released in 1995. She also starred in the films “Gummo”, “Boys don’t cry,” “American psycho,” “Dogville” and “zodiac.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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